CNN makes film on Kenya’s Endangered Rock Art

In May a team from CNN flew to Kenya to make a film for their Inside Africa Program. Their plan was to make a film about rock art sites threatened by destruction in western Kenya. Visit to site in Nairobi National … [Read more...]

African rock art stamps: square inches of heritage

Are stamps still important in a digital word where letters can be sent at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger? Judging by the fact that people from all over the world are gathered in the hundreds of thousands in New … [Read more...]

Fashionably prehistoric? Fashion in African rock art

One of the things I love about rock art is the many windows into forgotten pasts it opens, and the opportunity to imagine what those pasts might have been like from these small glimpses. We recently found ourselves going … [Read more...]

Shebah home school visit to TARA

Last month we hosted a group of 20 learners and parents from the Sheba Home Schooling group on a visit to learn more about rock art in Africa. The morning began with a presentation on rock art in Africa and Kenya by … [Read more...]

Niger rock art exhibition opens!

TARA’s rock art exhibition opened in Niger last week at Oumarou Ganda Cultural Centre in Niamey. The exhibition highlights the richness and diversity of Niger’s rock engravings and will run from 10th to 23rd May. After … [Read more...]

Using new technologies to preserve ancient pasts

South Africa is home to one of the world’s most spectacular mountain chains, the Maloti-Drakensberg Park (MDP). In these mountains and in the foothills below lies a treasure trove of priceless art left behind as a legacy … [Read more...]

19 images that prove there were trees in ancient art

A recent article on a National Geographic blog titled, ‘Vanished! The Surprising Things Missing from Ancient Art’ claims that there are no trees in rock art. “Take a look, a long rambling look, at the cave paintings … [Read more...]

Back to life? The aurochs in African rock art

One of the great things about rock art is that it opens windows for us onto vanished worlds. Nowhere is that more true than in North Africa's Sahara Desert where the rock art gives us a priceless record of the millions … [Read more...]

New rock art find in Kenya!

Last weekend, a long-planned survey trip to Kitui County in South Eastern Kenya yielded two new rock art sites. The survey undertaken by Emmanuel Ndiema, Head of Archaeology at the National Museums of Kenya, and David … [Read more...]

The Giraffes of the Desert – a children’s story

Moufa looked up from the edge of the small lake where she sat looking at the tiny shrimp. It was almost midday and a soft breeze rose from the water and fanned her face. She had always enjoyed playing with the shrimp, … [Read more...]