Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Chauvet Cave and Jean Clottes

This months cover story in National Geographic Magazine features paintings from the world-famous Chauvet Cave in southern France. The eminent prehistorian, Jean Clottes was the first scientist to enter Chauvet after its discovery in 1994 and the man who officially announced the discovery to the world. Shortly after the discovery I visited Jean Clottes, a friend and member of TARA’s Advisory Board at his home in the Pyrennees and well remember the tears in his eyes as he described seeing the extraordinary paintings of Cave lions, wooly rhinos and Paleolithic horses for the first time. Some years later Jean took me and Alec Campbell (TARA Founding Trustee) and our wives into Chauvet which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Jean has often joined us on survey trips in the Sahara and in East Africa.

NG cover