Ethiopia Survey Trip, May 2014

In mid May David Coulson and Terry Little travelled to Ethiopia to conduct a rock art survey in collaboration with colleagues (archeologists) from the ARCCH in Addis (Authority for Research and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage).

Ethiopia view
Photo: Landscape in Southeastern Ethiopia.

The two geographical areas on which they focused were (a) the Hararghe Massif, near Harar and the Somaliland border, and (b) the SNNP(formerly Sidamo Province) in southern Ethiopia. In the Hararghe area they successfully recorded a number of sites (paintings & engravings) with the enthusiastic  involvement  of local communities. Although one of the sites had been totally destroyed in the past through vandalism the rest were in good condition considering the probable age of the art. Meanwhile in the south they recorded sites from different ancient cultures one of which was an engraving site featuring geometric engravings. These enigmatic carvings are completely unique in our experience. While in Ethiopia David and Terry also had productive discussions about the importance of rock art awareness at all levels, from senior government to community levels. TARA plans to create awareness materials to try and address these needs.

Ethiopian rock cave

Photo: (L) Looking at engravings in the Hararghe Mtns. (R) Looking for paintings in a cave.
Photo: Ancient geometric engravings in Southeastern Ethiopia.