Ethiopian Rock Art Documentation

David Coulson, Terry Little and William Omoro of TARA visited Ethiopia between March 16th and 23rd 2014.

Ethiopia National Museum, Trust for African Rock Art, TARA
PHOTO: TARA officials visits Mamitu Yilma the Director General, National Museums of Ethiopia.

The first objective of this trip was to meet with colleagues at the ARCCH – Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage as well as at the Museum and the Institute of Ethiopian Studies in order to strengthen our partnerships with the Ethiopians.

Rock art site in Ethiopia
PHOTO: Recording ancient rock paintings at Laga Oda, Eastern Ethiopia.

The second objective/ part of the trip was for David Coulson and William Omoro to travel to the Dire Dawa region of eastern Ethiopia in order to document several important rock art sites . Our guide on this part of the mission was Dagnachew Leto, a young rock art expert who wrote his Masters thesis on the sites of this area. Some of the paintings here could be several thousand years old but are now endangered as a result of expanding human populations and official neglect.

David Coulson, rock art site, Dera Diwa, Eastern Ethiopia, Africa, Trust for African Rock Art, TARA
PHOTO: David Coulson with surveyors at a rock art site near Dira Dawa in Eastern Ethiopia.