Funding from EPA to Abasuba Community Peace Museum

The Community Peace Museum has received a grant of 12,000 Euros from EPA (Ecole du Patrimoine Africain – School of African Heritage) for an education outreach programme for one year. The good news was relayed during a board meeting at the museum and was received with gratitude. At the meeting were TARA’s Terry Little, Chief Operations Officer and Gloria Borona, Manager Community Projects and Outreach. They were joined on this trip by three tourists Monica Garcia, ambien insomnia treatment Monique Motais de Narbonne and Valerie Magar, first time visitors to Kenya who were impressed by the beauty of Mfangano Island and the richness of the Abasuba heritage. They visited the two rock art sites ending up at Mawanga Rock Art School, a community initiative developed out of proceeds of rock art tourism from Mawanga Rock Art site, where TARA presented the children with stationery and other learning aids.

Date: 7 June 2010

Abasuba Community Peace Museum, Rusinga-lodge Abasuba Community Peace Museum, at the pier Abasuba Community Peace Museum, kwitone Abasuba Community Peace Museum, mawanga rock art nursery school