Great rock art in Europe and Africa

National Geo
Photo: 6000 year old life-size giraffe carvings in Niger

The January 2015 National Geographic, The First Artists, article talks about the great European Cave sites like Chauvet and Altamira and about African rock paintings from a similar era, in Namibia. National Geographic have been long term supporters of TARA’s work, helping us promote the importance, antiquity and frailty of this heritage. Some years ago the Magazine published a 22 page article by TARA Chairman David Coulson on the rock art of the Sahara and the same year published another story by Coulson on two 6000 year old life-size giraffe carvings in Niger (see image) These carvings have been described as one of the greatest prehistoric masterpieces ever recorded. As more and more remarkable art is found in Africa the question will increasingly arise, “Did rock art originate in Africa, along with humankind?”
NG1 cover
Photo: January 2015 National Geographic Cover

oldest rock painting
Apollo 11 Cave, Namibia