Hargeysa International Book Fair

TARA Chairman, David CoulsonTARA Chairman, David Coulson, was invited to make a presentation at the 7th Hargeysa International Book Fair in Somaliland August 8th to 13th. Somaliland has spectacular rock paintings and his mission was to talk about this art in a Pan African context. The annual Fair aims to enable young people to access a range of cultural heritages and to stimulate the revival of all forms of art and human cialis expression, including painting, poetry, story telling, drama and of course writing. The Fair is the largest celebration of books and writing in Africa. Participants included well known African writers as well as international writers and journalists.

PanelPHOTO: In discussion with celebrated international author/journalist, John Lee Anderson.

rockartPHOTO: Las Geel, one of Somaliland’s wonderful rock art  sites.

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