Kenya Celebrates 50 years of Independence

Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence on December 12, 2013, and TARA acknowledges the premier status of Kenyan culture and heritage of its peoples. TARA was founded in Kenya in 1996 and enjoys a strong relationship with the National Museums of Kenya, and a large network of visionary Kenyan professionals. TARA has enjoyed working with Kenyan communities across the country over the years to conserve and promote the nation’s rock art heritage.

TARA hopes that everyone had a peaceful Jamuhuri weekend!

Dawn of Imagination Exhibition, Nairobi Museum
PHOTO:School children line up to enter the Nairobi National Museum which hosted TARA’s ‘Dawn of Imagination’ Exhibition in 2007-08.

Abasuba Museum Opening
PHOTO: Suba Elders present their heritage to VIPs at the Abasuba Community Peace Museum on Mfangano Island at the museum’s grand opening in January 2008. TARA has worked with this community since 2006.

Kakapel, July 2013
PHOTO: The Australian Government provided support to TARA and the Kakapel Community Cultural Centre in 2013. A celebration of the Iteso Culture took place in July 2013.

Lokori, February 2010
PHOTO: TARA has been working with the Turkana community in northern Kenya to document and promote the area’s rock art with support from the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation.

Engager's Workshop, Kisii
PHOTO: TARA has been working with community groups around Kisii since 2011 with support from the Prince Claus Fund to preserve the threatened rock art engravings scattered around the county.