Libya Conservation News

Ever since Gadafi’s regime was toppled in Libya, foreign tourists have been unable to visit the amazing rock art of south western Libya. Now, which is encouraging, a Libyan soldier, Aziz Alhashi has made a film showing grafitti damage in the Acacus Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and posted it on YOU Tube!

Photo:6,000 year old Libya rock paintings irreparably damaged with spray paint.

TARA has been working in Libya for many years, in partnership with the Department of Archeology in Tripoli and with the Libyan/Italian Archeological Mission. Its objective as been to document the sites and create an awareness of the endangered state of this heritage. These images below are examples of vandalism to sites which TARA has recorded as well as an image from the famous Mathendous site which TARA recommended be listed on the World Monuments Fund 2008 Waatchlist of the World’s Most Endangered Sites.

TARA is now partnering in a joint project with the British Museum whereby the Museum has acquired a digital copy of TARA’s digital rock art archive from 20 different countries. People from all over the world can now enjoy free access to rock art images from countries like Libya through this site. See link