Nairobi National Museum Visits TARA

NNM visit

Last week TARA hosted two scholars attached to the Nairobi National Museum- Njeri Gachihi and Ssemulende Robert. They dropped by to familiarise themselves with African rock art in a general context, and spend some time exploring our rich rock art database before travelling to spend a month at the Kakapel rock art site and monument in Western Kenya. The Kakapel rock art site is rich in paintings and features a mix of red and white animal and geometric motifs.


Njeri is a curator at the Nairobi National Museum, and Ssemulende is studying for his Masters in Archaeology at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by way of Uganda and interning at the Museum. During their visit, TARA staff gave presentations on various rock art traditions in Africa, and on challenges and opportunities in community rock art conservation. We also discussed varying perceptions of rock art, and challenges faced in other archaeological sites and shared ideas on how to approach the management of archaeological and rock art sites.

Date: 23 September 2015