The Masterpiece of the Dabous Giraffes Video 2020

On a recent rock art safari to Niger's Air Mountains, Emma Silvester of the Royal Africa Foundation recorded a video of what happened when water was poured (gently) at the top of the giraffe heads. Check out the video … [Read more...]

TARA Sahara Safaris 2019 Updates

David Coulson led two safaris to Niger’s Air Mountains in November 2019. The first Safari was a 12 day trip (for 9 pax) including two spectacular tribal ceremonies, visits to several world class rock engraving sites as … [Read more...]

The Rock Art Colloquium, France and northern Spain, October 2019

This year the Los Angeles- based Getty Conservation Institute with whom TARA has been associated for many years are holding a Colloquium in France and northern Spain. Apart from visiting the three most famous caves in … [Read more...]

TARA’s Northern Nigeria Trip in June 2019

In early June David Coulson and Terry Little of TARA returned to Nigeria for a second field trip as part of the current US Ambassadors Fund Rock Art project this year. This was the second Nigerian expedition  this … [Read more...]

TARA adds new rock art site in Maasailand, south of Nairobi, to database

In early May TARA’s David Coulson with Emmanuel Ndiema, Head of Archeology at the National Museums of Kenya, drove south together to visit and record  a newly reported site in Maasaland, near the edge of the Rift … [Read more...]

TARA’s David Coulson and Terry Little return to carry out more documentation and studies of Nigeria’s enigmatic Cross River Monoliths, 2019

In early April this year, David Coulson, as Director of the Cross River Monolith Research Project, along with Ferdinand Smith and Luke Tchalenko of Factum Arte Foundation and TARA consultant Terry Little flew to Calabar, … [Read more...]

Rock Art & Cultural Survey Trip in Rift Valley and Turkana, 2019

At the end of February TARA’s David Coulson took part in a rock art and cultural survey up the length of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The survey was organized by Royal African Safaris and the Turkana Basin Institute and … [Read more...]

Annual Iteso Cultural Festival still going strong

Anthony Odera, the manager of Kakapel Cultural Centre shared with us an update on the annual Iteso Cultural Festival. In 2018, there were an estimated 20,000 people in attendance at the festival from different parts … [Read more...]

Oldest rock painting discovery, 73,000 years old, in Blombos, South Africa

Late last year, archaeologists working in the Blombos Cave in South Africa published findings regarding what is now the world's oldest rock painting discovered, in the journal Nature. The painting comprises several … [Read more...]

Rock art in eastern Kenya, 2018

During the last few years TARA has recorded three important  rock art sites in Kitui County, including one site which is located just inside Tsavo East National Park at a place called Ithumba, the regional Park … [Read more...]