Getty Conservation Institute Colloquium, Los Angeles, 2018

In late June/early July 2018 TARA's David Coulson and Terry Little were invited by the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) in Los Angeles to participate in an International Colloquium in the USA. This was the third such … [Read more...]

Qobustan: The Prehistory of Mankind, Incised on Stone

Paris-born, Nairobi-resident David Coulson is the personification of a true British adventurer. Having originally made his name in photography and published many books, he is chair of the Nairobi-based Trust for African … [Read more...]

Recording Rock Art Sites in Zimbabwe, 2018

TARA's David Coulson recently visited  and recorded new rock painting sites in Zimbabwe as well as revisiting sites he had recorded over 20 years ago. The expedition was made possible by a rock art Safari guided by … [Read more...]

Rock Art Safari in Mashonaland and Matabeleland

Pierre Jaunet and David Coulson of TARA had talked for a number of years about collaborating on a rock art safari in Zimbabwe. Not only is the rock art here exceptional but the bush country with its granite mountains is … [Read more...]

Akwanshi Conference, Calabar & Field Trip

Akwanshi Conference in Calabar on the future and plight of the Cross River Monoliths (Akwanshi), and subsequent field trip to record new monolith sites. Conference poster on wall of Conference Centre. In early … [Read more...]

Gabon Expedition 2018

In February 2018, TARA's David Coulson travelled to Gabon in order to record little known rock engraving sites originally documented by local archaeologist, Richard Oslisly. The main sites (rock engravings) are located … [Read more...]

TARA Expedition to Chad’s Tibesti Mountains – Sahara

During the course of November 2017, David Coulson of TARA led a 4,000 kilometre expedition to the Tibesti Mountains in northern Chad, the highest mountains (3,415m) in the Sahara Desert. The expedition/project was funded … [Read more...]

The Rock Art of Africa: 25,000 Years of World History and Climate Change on the World’s Biggest Canvas

The Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong invited David Coulson to speak on "The Rock Art of Africa: 25,000 Years of World History and Climate Change on the World’s Biggest Canvas". The prestigious event was … [Read more...]

British Museum Conference & Exhibition, 2016

TARA Chairman, David Coulson was invited to deliver a paper at an African Rock Art Conference at the British Museum in London in November 2016. The conference was organised by the African Rock Art Image Project of … [Read more...]

Niger Safari

TARA's David Coulson recently led a Royal African Rock Art Safari to northern  Niger's Air Mountains. The group was accompanied by Rhissa Agboulah, Minister of State for Security in Niger, an old friend of David's. … [Read more...]