The Rock Art of Africa: 25,000 Years of World History and Climate Change on the World’s Biggest Canvas

The Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong invited David Coulson to speak on "The Rock Art of Africa: 25,000 Years of World History and Climate Change on the World’s Biggest Canvas". The prestigious event was … [Read more...]

British Museum Conference & Exhibition

TARA Chairman, David Coulson was invited to deliver a paper at an African Rock Art Conference at the British Museum in London in November 2016. The conference was organised by the African Rock Art Image Project of … [Read more...]

Niger Safari

TARA's David Coulson recently led a Royal African Rock Art Safari to northern  Niger's Air Mountains. The group was accompanied by Rhissa Agboulah, Minister of State for Security in Niger, an old friend of David's. … [Read more...]

Rock Art Researchers to Gather in Redmond, Oregon, USA

(ARRARA) The American Rock Art Research Association will convene its 2017 rock art symposium June 1 – 5 at the Eagle Crest Resort, near Redmond, Oregon. ARARA is America’s preeminent rock art organisation, whose … [Read more...]

TARA Relocates To Smaller Premises

Towards the end of 2016, TARA moved their Nairobi office from Warai South Rd in Karen to Ndege House plot, 3, Kwarara Rd, Langata (off Ndege Rd). The move was part of a cost cutting operation through which TARA hopes … [Read more...]

Chad’s Ennedi Mountains Expedition

In November 2016, TARA's David Coulson led an expedition to Chad's Ennedi Mountains (Sahara) to document a little and unknown rock art site in this remote 17,000 sq mile wilderness. The expedition was supported by the … [Read more...]

Monoliths – Cross River State, Nigeria

In October 2016, with the support of the Prince Claus Fund from Amsterdam and in collaboration with the University of Calabar, TARA organised an expedition to survey and document the Cross River Monoliths, also known as … [Read more...]

Documenting the Rock Art of Dolwe Island, Lake Victoria (Uganda)

Dolwe Island is a beautiful, little-known island in the north east (Ugandan) waters of Lake Victoria, about two hours in a motor boat from the mainland. Only about 50 square kilometres in extent, this island has many … [Read more...]

New rock art recording, Zimbabwe

TARA Chairman, David Coulson, is currently in Zimbabwe working on a joint project with the National Museum and University of Zimbabwe (Dr Ancila Nhamo), supported by the Prince Claus Fund of Amsterdam. Already he and the … [Read more...]

Camels in African rock art

Camels: often called "ships of the desert", you see them on the horizon, you see them at waterholes, you see them winding their way through palm groves and through sand dunes, throughout the Sahara. You also see … [Read more...]