Northern Kenya, April 2014

At the end of March/early April TARA Chairman David Coulson traveled to Lake Turkana with Dr. Emmanuel Ndiema, acting Director of Archeology at the National Museums of Kenya, and research fellow, Susan Ongoro.

PHOTO: Journey North to Turkana.

Their mission was to look for new sites and monitor existing sites in this remote region of northern Kenya. During the trip they searched for sites on Moite Mountain south of Alia Bay which is sacred to the local people. Near the lake shore they made an important discovery. A rock painting site probably made by Twa hunter gatherers over a thousand years ago. Although rock engraving sites are not uncommon here painting sites are so far unknown.

Lake Turkana
PHOTO: Arriving at Lake Turkana.

After visiting other sites near the lake they broke down in their 4×4 Pajero near the edge if the Chalbi Desert. They were rescued by the Catholic Mission at North Horr and towed to the Mission where the Missionary, Father Anthony, tried to fix their vehicle. When all attempts to fix it (electronics) failed he arranged for their vehicle to be loaded on to the back of a truck and driven down to Nairobi, a hot and frustrating end to a productive trip.

Paintings in Northern Kenya
PHOTO: Paintings of giraffe and a sunburst geometric.