Press Release: Fourth edition SOIMA in Africa for first time

Today, photographs, films, video, audiotapes, and other digital materials account
for a large portion of the world’s memory and the way we experience life around us. Yet, these sound
and image records are endangered due to constant technological change and the lack of trained
personnel. These problems are more acutely felt in archives, museums, libraries, and other cultural

Sixteen professionals selected (from Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) will convene in Nairobi,
Kenya to discuss this challenge of safeguarding sound and image collections. They will share insights
from the perspectives of archivists, collection managers, conservators, curators, and librarians in
charge of preserving audio visual materials (that are held within various cultural institutions around
the world). With its rich repositories of cultural and historic heritage resources, Kenya is an excellent venue to host SOIMA : Safeguarding Sound and Image Collections.

The international course, SOIMA : Safeguarding Sound and Image Collections, will: highlight the diversity within cultural institutional contexts, in which, sound and image collections exist; and how specific institutional mandates affect preservation and access; propose solutions to the risks to sound and image collections; and share collaborative ideas to utilize information and communication technologies for sustainability. One of the key topics to be discussed is the value, meaning, selection, and use of sound and image collections, while exploring the potential of sound and image media to transmit knowledge and cultural traditions.

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SOIMA 2013 Press Release