Zimbabwe is an important rock art country with many little known rock art sites, particularly in Mashonaland and Ndebeleland. There are granite outcrops and hills which include, in Mashonaland, a long north/south range called the Umvukwes (Great Dyke). To the east, bordering with Mozambique, are the Eastern Highlands which include Inyanga, the Vumba and Chimanimani Mountains. In the south west are the Matobo Hills south of Bulawayo. These make up a beautiful jumble of granite domes called “whalebacks”, as well as, huge boulders among which are located lots of wonderful rock shelters whose walls are often covered in exquisite Bushman/San paintings. The oldest Zimbabwe paintings (Matobo) are estimated to be around 7,000 years. Matobo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. New sites are being discovered
in Zimbabwe all the time.

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