Rock art is fragile and irreplaceable. It is threatened by natural phenomena (wind, sun, dust, rain) but the greatest threat to the rock art sites is human activities. Cultivation in the conservation area, graffiti, charcoal burning, prospecting for treasure, and deforestation are some of the main human activities that endanger the sites.

Ncholicholi,Kondoa,TanzaniaIllegal excavation under a painting site made by people who believe the Germans buried gold here in 1918 in Kondoa, Tanzania.
DSC_8264-Kondoa-Tanzania-700pxGranite chips obtained from crushing boulders being used for construction next to an iconic painting site. Illegal quarrying is a serious threat in Kondoa, Tanzania.
charcoal-burning-700pxIllegal charcoal burning pit close to a site with freshly cut logs ready for burning. This is the main reason for deforestation around east African rock art sites.