Rock Art Researchers to Gather in Redmond, Oregon, USA

American Rock Art Research Organization(ARRARA) The American Rock Art Research Association will convene its 2017 rock art symposium June 1 – 5 at the Eagle Crest Resort, near Redmond, Oregon. ARARA is America’s preeminent rock art organisation, whose members explore the many facets of rock art – the study of prehistoric markings found on stone in natural landscape settings. The yearly conference attracts scholars from around the country and internationally, who come together to share research, images and ideas about rock art traditions from the Americas and beyond.

With a rich abundance and diversity of rock art sites nearby, Redmond is the perfect city for hosting this important annual research conference. Presenters will discuss painted pictographs and pecked petroglyphs, many found on public lands, in several identified styles, such as Columbia Plateau, Columbia River Conventionalized, Great Basin, North Oregon Rectilinear and Yakima Polychrome. The lovely Deschutes River runs right through the conference property.

The conference is open to all—professional archaeologists, avocationalists, and the interested public alike. Students in particular are welcome! Student attendees receive free registration, and student presenters receive a stipend to attend.

For those who register for the conference, ARARA offers two days of guided field trips on (June 2 and 5) to a variety of intriguing area rock art sites. Attendees discover the richness of the local rock art heritage while enjoying the spectacular Oregon countryside. Presentations on current rock art research form the centerpiece of the meeting (June 3 and 4). Other special cultural activities are planned throughout the conference, including social events and vendor offerings of rock art related merchandise.

In addition, two public lectures are planned at 2112 NE 4th Street in Bend.
June 1: Robert David, a Klamath Tribal member, will speak on “The Rock Art of Petroglyph Point, Lava Beds National Monument.”
June 2: Archaeologist Angelo Fossati, Director of the Italian archaeological cooperative Le Orme dell’Uomo, will speak on the “The Rock Art of the Ice Man”. These lectures begin at 7:30 pm, and are open to all—admission is $5.00.

The research presentations kick off the morning of June 3 with a session dedicated to the rock art of Oregon and then expand to cover rock art in other parts of the U.S. and the world. Details of the agenda can be accessed at as we get closer to the conference.

Rock art symbols can be a challenge to understand, but for much of the prehistoric sequence of the past 5,000 years, we can now link broad patterns of prehistoric settlement adaptation and social change to the iconography inscribed and painted on rock faces, ceramics, and other items. Dating rock art has been difficult in the past—but answering the question “How old is it?” could become easier in some cases, thanks to new technologies. The Central Oregon region is rich in rock art from several periods that parallel the archaeological record of habitation of the area.

All are invited to attend the 2017 ARARA conference in Redmond to share the latest information and research into the fascinating ancient messages from the past.

Where: The Lodge at Eagle Crest, Redmond OR

When: June 1 – 5, 2017

Who: American Rock Art Research Association

Registration and conference information:

Contacts: Conference Coordinator: Monica Wadsworth-Seibel