school visit to TARA

Shebah home school visit to TARA

Last month we hosted a group of 20 learners and parents from the Sheba Home Schooling group on a visit to learn more about rock art in Africa.

The morning began with a presentation on rock art in Africa and Kenya by David Coulson followed by questions from the learners. The learners seemed interested and asked questions regarding dating of rock art and how one can know the intentions of the artists; all questions archaeologists ask regularly.

school visit to TARA

After the presentation we gave the group a chance to get up and walk around for a rock art tour, with printed images and banners. Coulson also brought out some archaeological remains (lithic tools) acquired on various trips in the Sahara to make the link between rock art and archaeology.

The group was mixed age and all were accompanied by parents. The parents were just as keen as the students on discovering rock art. They were so amazed that they had never learnt about it in school that one of them quipped, “I should ask for my school fees back!”

school visit to TARA
After the visit the parents were able to integrate what they had learnt about rock art into their studies. Mrs Joyce one of the parents says, “The rock art sites in Kenya (eg Kakapel, Mfangano Island, and Turkana) were a good discovery. We discussed it during our Social Studies class and this helped to show my daughters how Art and Social Studies principals integrate.”

If you’re a group or school and would like to learn about rock art or schedule a visit, write to us on and we’ll plan a half-day or full-day visit with you.