Survey Expedition to Kenya’s Chalbi and Kaisut Deserts

TARA at Chalbi desertPHOTO: Driving across the salt-covered Chalbi desert, is like crossing a snow field!

In early September 2014 David Coulson of TARA and Emmanuel Ndiema of the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) traveled to the Chalbi and Kaisut deserts in northern Kenya to record a number of new rock art sites. Most of these were engraving sites featuring animals (mainly giraffe) and also geometrics (mainly circles) south west of Mt Kulal. On their return journey they recorded two painting sites at the foot of the Ndoto Mountains near Ngurunit. Meanwhile at South Horr they stopped to address 300 6th and 7th form students at the school to talk about the rock art of this region.

rockartPHOTO:  Engraving of concentric circles near Lake Turkana

SitePHOTO: Our Gabbra guide points to a rock engraving of an elephant and a lion near the eastern side of the Chalbi desert

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