Survey Trip – Eastern Desert, Egypt

Survey Trip – Eastern Desert, Egypt

PHOTO: Recording sites in the Wadi Umm Salaam

In late October 2014, David Coulson and Terry Little of TARA carried out a rock art survey in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, an area which they have only briefly worked in during the past. They were accompanied on this trip by three friends/TARA supporters. This expedition focused on the central part of the Eastern Desert (Red Sea Hills) between Luxor and the Red Sea. Many of the rock engravings they recorded date back to the so-called pre dynastic period (before the ancient Egyptian (Pharaonic) civilization, roughly between 3500BC and 6000BC, but there were also important sites from the Pharaonic era.

Recording rock engravings
PHOTO: Recording rock engravings including two pre-dynastic boats
Panel of rocks
PHOTO: Panel of rock engravings featuring camels, warriors and cattles.