In early May TARA’s David Coulson with Emmanuel Ndiema, Head of Archeology at the National Museums of Kenya, drove south together to visit and record  a newly reported site in Maasaland, near the edge of the Rift Valley, south of Nairobi.
As is normal in such sites (in Kenya) most of the white finger paintings were abstract in design but Coulson and Ndiema did record a painting of a red and white Maasai shield as well as other familiar abstract symbols. Shields appear frequently in Maasai paintings in norther Tanzania and in southern Kenya (Maasailand) near the Tanzania border, where they are usually the dominant motif, but they do not occur further north in the rest of Kenya. This particular shield is probably one of the northernmost shield sites yet recorded.














The site is located in a shallow cave with a big view looking south east towards Mt Kilimanjaro, and from above the cave you can look north east to the snow capped peak of Mt Kenya.


Recording team