TARA expands its Library Resources

The Institute of Museum and Library Services, Washington DC, in partnership with the Getty Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation and the Heritage Preservation, donated 15 new titles to TARA’s Library. These publications, which are designed to assist organisations in caring for their collections, are valuable additions to TARA’s ever-growing library collection.

  • African American art; the international review of; Hampton University Museum (2007)
  • Capitalize on collections care; Heritage Preservation Inc (2007)
  • The care of prints and drawings; Margaret Holben Ellis (1996)
  • Caring for American Indian Objects; Sherelyn Ogden, editor (2004)
  • Caring for your family treasures; Jane S. Long and Richard W. Long (2000)
  • Field guide to emergency responce; Heritage Preservation Inc (2006)
  • IPI Media quick reference; Peter Z. Adelstein (2004)
  • A legal primer on managing museum collections; Marie C. Malaro (1998)
  • Manual of housekeeping; The National Trust (2006)
  • Museum handbook, Part 1, Museum Collections , Chapters; Museum Management Program (1990-2006)
  • The nature of conservation; a race against time; Philip Ward. (1986)
  • Photographs; Archival care and management; Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler and Diane Vogt-O’Connor (2006)
  • Preservation management for libraries, archives and museums; G. E. Gorman and Sydney J. Shep, Editors (2006)
  • Promoting preservation awareness in libraries; Jeanne M. Drewes and Julie A. Page (1997)

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