TARA Founder & Chairman, David Coulson, featured in Financial Times

David Coulson was recently featured, together with other Kenya experts and personalities in an article published in the London Financial Times, October 24. Entitled, “The Thinking Mans Safari” this piece written by internationally renowned travel writer, Lucia Van der Post seeks to promote trips in northern Kenya involving local experts on unusual and thought-provoking subjects, such as African rock art (para). These trips will offer interested and well healed travelers an opportunity to visit millennia old sites in remote locations in the deserts and mountains of northern Kenya. Some of these sites are only accessible by helicopter.

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Enasoit 1
Photo: Lucia van der Post from the London Financial Times with David Coulson of TARA at a rock painting site in Northern Kenya.
Enasoit rock
Photo: David Coulson talks to Lucia van der Post about a Rock Gong which was once used for divination and rituals.