TARA receives US Funding to Implement Community Project in Kondoa, Tanzania

David Coulson receiving grant, trust for african rock artThe Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation has awarded a $54,000 grant to TARA to implement a community project in Kondoa rock art sites (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The project aims at conservation of the sites through; increasing local community awareness, basic infrastructure development, conservation plans and promotion of the sites for tourism in ways that ensure the benefits are felt at the local community level. Attending the grant signing ceremony were TARA’s David Coulson, Terry Little and Gloria Borona. They were joined by Donatious Kamamba and John Kimaro from Tanzanian Antiquities Department as well as Achiles Bufure from Tanzanian House of Culture and Audax Mabulla, TARA’s Board member.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador, Alfonso Lenhardt said “When President Obama asked me to serve as Ambassador to Tanzania, I was aware of this nation’s rich cultural landscape and heritage. However, as I travel throughout all parts of this country, I never cease to be amazed at the history, culture, and people of Tanzania. In fact, some of the greatest world treasures are found right here in this majestic land. The Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation gives us opportunities to demonstrate U.S. respect for Tanzania’s unique cultural and historical treasures.” Kondoa is the first World Heritage rock art site that TARA will be actively involved in and we aim to deliver a good product which can be a reference model for other heritage community projects in Africa and beyond.

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Date: 24/09/2010