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TARA Rock Art Safari to Niger – 2015

Woodabe men dancing the Yaake- part of Gerewol celebrations

In October 2015, TARA Chairman David Coulson led a special private 10 day Safari to Niger’s Aïr Mountains. The expedition was accompanied by Minister Rhissa Agboulah, special Advisor to the President on Security. During the safari, which began in Agadez, the group were greeted and entertained by traditional Wodaabe and Tuareg dancers including 70 Tuareg on camels in all their finery and near Iferouane they attended a traditional camel race through the desert.

TARA Safari team in the Nigerienne Sahara

Meanwhile David took the group to visit important rock engraving sites in the northern Aïr that he first recorded 20 years ago. The area is now one of the safest parts of the Sahara to visit but tourism continues to suffer as a result of bad publicity concerning Niger’s neighbours. The visitors were all given a great welcome by nomads and villagers they met.

Rock art- Niger

TARA offers a number of rock art safaris every year as a way to raise money to support efforts to document and preserve African rock art. Find out about upcoming safaris here.

Date: 03 Nov 2015