David Coulson led two safaris to Niger’s Air Mountains in November 2019. The first Safari was a 12 day trip (for 9 pax) including two spectacular tribal ceremonies, visits to several world class rock engraving sites as well as travels through some of the most beautiful desert scenery in the world. Our hosts were the Tuareg, most of them friends of David for many years.
The second Safari focused on specific areas and rock art sites in the Air Massif and featured two wonderful Tuareg ceremonies as well as a Wodaabe Geerewohl ceremony. We were accompanied on the second trip by world  famous photographers, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith who have recently been launching their double volume book, African Twilight. 
David Coulson led a third Sahara Safari, this time to Chad’s Ennedi Mountains (10pax). The Ennedi is a 17,000 sq mile desert wilderness in the north east of Chad consisting of eroded sandstone mountains,  canyons, weird rock formations , painted caves, giant rock arches and monoliths the size of New York skyscrapers. 
The Ennedi  rock paintings and engravings open windows onto the regions past showing a time when the area supported large human populations with advanced cultures and wildlife thousands of years ago. 
In November the group visited newly discovered rock art sites, explored giant rock outcrops of resembling “forests of stone“ and witnessed thousands of camels drinking at waterholes in silent canyons, their moans of pleasure echoing through the canyons. These camel caravans have  used waterholes like these for millennia and their herders are Tubu nomads.  
Due to the lack of water and vegetation only hardy nomads (Tubu) are found here. Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith were able to enthral the group with wonderful stories of their travels while David talked sbout the Sahara’s proud past.  David’s first visit to the Ennedi was in the mid 1990s. TARA is planning more safaris to the Sahara in 2020. Find out more information and sign up on our Safaris page.
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