TARA Visit to the Chauvet Cave, France

Cave coverPHOTO: Group photo outside entrance to the Cave with Jean Clottes on extreme left and David Coulson, centre/back

In 2005 the Director of the Chauvet Cave project, Professor Jean Clottes,  invited TARA Chairman and founder David Coulson and founding trustee, Alec Campbell to visit the Chauvet Cave in the Ardeche, probably the world’s most famous cave, which had only been discovered the previous year. Jean Clottes had often traveled with David in the Sahara and in East Africa and has been a member of TARA’s Advisory Board for many years. David and Alec’s experience was later replicated in a hugely successful documentary film entitled Cave of Forgotten Dreams now available on You Tube. Visiting this extraordinary cave where the world’s most ancient paintings have been found was an exceptional privilege otherwise only accorded to visiting Heads of State. Now however a complete replica has been made in a separate, modern museum only a kilometre from the original site so that visitors can see copies of the actual paintings in a space that replicates the original cave. The following write up by David describing their visit was published in TARA’s 2005 Newsletter.

Click to read David’s article – A Visit to the Chauvet Cave