The Rock Art Colloquium, France and northern Spain, October 2019

This year the Los Angeles- based Getty Conservation Institute with whom TARA has been associated for many years are holding a Colloquium in France and northern Spain. Apart from visiting the three most famous caves in the world, Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira over a two week period starting at Valence on the 13th October, this group of international rock art specialists (The Rock Art Network) will be meeting at a number of different venues to discuss how these priceless art treasures from the distant past can best be conserved and promoted for the greater benefit of humanity as well as for their own preservation.

Painting of a running horse in Lascaux Cave, France

This initiative was born in the USA last year when the first Colloquium was held. Since this last meeting TARA consultant, Terry Little, who is adept at several languages, has translated important texts about what the Rock Art Network is trying to do unto a number of different languages.
Meanwhile having spoken about rock art safaris at the last meeting, David Coulson will this year be giving a presentation on TARA’s publications including imagery that would work well for children’s publications. This is a collaboration with the wife of Jean Michele Geneste, Curator of Lascaux and Chauvet Caves, which we’ll be visiting. During this meeting we hope to brainstorm different approaches to children’s rock art awareness materials.