Tomos – New Intern

Along with Hanna, we are also delighted to have Tomos, an intern from Wales, with us for 2 weeks. Here’s what he says:

“Hamjambo! My name is Tomos and I’ll be working with TARA as an intern for the next two weeks. I received a BA in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge with an emphasis on the archaeology of Africa (from the Early and Middle Stone Ages right up to the Iron Age and colonial period). I have since endeavoured to gain more practical experience in African archaeology by working on several archaeological projects in southern Africa as well as working as an intern with the University of Pretoria, RSA.

These experiences have led me to delve into learning about the ins and outs of cultural heritage management in Africa, and combined with the fact that I love African rock art (having admired much of it in South Africa, Malawi and Namibia), working for TARA will be an ideal experience for me!”

Tomos from Wales

During his time with TARA, he hopes to develop his knowledge in the field of rock art heritage, particularly in the strategies used to preserve and promote these cultural treasures. He is also keen to contribute to the sustainability of community projects that TARA is working on in Kenya in order to learn about some of the issues and challenges
facing communities that work to sustain and promote rock art as well as how best to overcome challenges through collaborative efforts. All this in the hope that it inspires his MA in African Studies with Heritage Master’s dissertation which he’ll be working on at University College London from September.

You’re very welcome Tomos!