Update – Abasuba Community Peace Museum

On 24 – 26 August 2010 a team of TARA staff members travelled to Mfangano Island to evaluate the progress of projects at the Abasuba Community Peace Museum. This trip offered an opportunity to train the tour guides of Mawanga and Kwitone rock art sites on good customer care relations while conveying the history of the rock art sites and of the Abasuba people.

Jack at Mfangano, Abasuba Community Peace Museum
PHOTO: Jack at Mfangano

The team also reviewed progress of an outreach programme for school children funded by a grant from EPA Ecole (Ecole du Patrimoine Africain) in Benin.

Joining the TARA team was Eliza Wilson-Powers from the United States who had been on a 6-week profession exchange at TARA to assist in the DIC – Digital Imaging Centre.

Kwitone Rock Art Site
PHOTO: Kwitone Rock Art Site
TARA Team at Kwitone Picnic Site, Trust for African Rock Art
PHOTO: TARA Team at Kwitone Picnic Site

Date: 29/08/2010