Visit to Qurta, in Egypt Nile Valley

Dirk Huyge
PHOTO: Dirk Huyge next to the aurochs engravings that have been dated to more than 15000 years.

On November 2nd/3rd 2014 David Coulson and Terry Little of TARA visited Qurta in Egypt’s Nile Valley between Luxor and Aswan. Here they were privileged to be shown one of Africa’s most famous rock art sites by Dr Dirk Huyge of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Belgium. Dirk and his team have recently successfully dated engravings of aurochs (prehistoric bovids) to at least 15000 years before the present, and perhaps nearer 20,000 years. They have also successfully proven the existence of Palaeolithic art in North Africa.

David Coulson and CDirk Huyge
PHOTO: Dirk Huyge and David Coulson looking at rock engravings on the cliff above.
Egypt engraving
PHOTO: Panel of engraved aurochs that have been dated to between 15000 and 19000 years before present.