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TARA regularly organises safaris into African rock art areas, also known for their spectacular landscapes, rich wildlife and nomadic people. We have previously led safaris to Egypt, Niger, Chad, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

The safaris we offer can be broadly divided into customised safaris which are tailored to the needs of specific individuals or groups, and survey expeditions where individuals have the opportunity of accompanying a TARA survey team to a specific country or region. Customised safaris are sometimes organised through TARA’s safari partners, Royal African Safaris.

See images of our last customised trip to the Aïr Mountain region in Niger in October here.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the below trips.



1. Chad trip, November 2016: This is a  2½ week trip to the Ennedi moutains in NE Chad in the Sahara, a 17,000 square miles wilderness where TARA hopes to record unique and ancient rock art engravings and paintings using the latest techniques. 3 spaces available.  Cost per person is $12,500  (see Chad rock art gallery).

2. Namibia trip, 2016, month TBD: This is a 9 day trip designed to maximise time in the field and cover the experiences we consider to be the real highlights of Namibia. David Coulson will be joined by Garth Owen-Smith and Dr. Margaret Jacobsohn as guides. Travel will be both by air and by road. The minimum number of guests is 6 and the maximum is 8. Download trip itinerary (see Namibia rock art gallery).

3. Niger trip, October 2016 or Feb 2017: This is a 9 day safari to the Aïr Mountains which has some of the most spectacular scenery in the Sahara desert. The trip is for 6 to 8 people. Provisional cost per head is $11,000 excluding international travel (see Niger rock art gallery) .

TARA Rock Art SafarisTARA, Rock Art Safaris, Trust for African Rock Art, African Rock Art ProjectTARA Rock Art Safaris




4. Zimbabwe trip, date TBD: This would be a one week to 10 day trip featuring 3 days in the Matobo Hills World Heritage and rock art site south of Bulawayo. In addition to Matobo we would visit the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe as well as documenting new rock art sites. Provisional cost is $8,000 per person (see some images from Matobo Hills in our Zimbabwe gallery).

5. Botswana trip, date TBD: This would be a one week safari to northern Botswana featuring 3 days in the Tsodilo Hills World Heritage and rock art site (camping) and 3 days at a camp in the Okavango Delta. Prices on request (see Botswana rock art gallery).

6. Gabon trip, date TBD: This would be a one week to 10 day trip to the Lope Okanda World Heritage Site, a remote tropical/riverine wilderness featuring rock engravings and wildlife. Provisional cost per person is $9,500 subject to size of group (see Gabon rock art gallery).

TARA Rock Art SafarisTARA Rock Art SafarisTARA Rock Art Safaris




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