Rock Art Safaris

Rock Art Safaris

TARA regularly organises safaris in support of its mission into African rock art areas, also known for their spectacular landscapes, rich wildlife and nomadic people. We have previously led safaris to Egypt, Niger, Chad, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

The safaris we offer can be broadly divided into customised safaris which are tailored to the needs of specific individuals or groups, and survey expeditions where individuals have the opportunity of accompanying a TARA survey team to a specific country or region. Customised safaris are also sometimes organised through TARA’s safari partner, Royal African Safaris.

Sahara Safaris

TARA’s 12 day Safari to Niger (Oct 31st) is nearly fully subscribed but we do have one or even two possible spaces left on this trip. Meanwhile two further opportunities also exist on 2 trips immediately following the above trip.  Between November 12th and November 17th David Coulson is taking the world renowned photographers, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith, whose award winning book, African Twilight has just been published internationally, on a 5 day safari to Niger’s Air Mountains including a visit to the Big Giraffe rock art site at Dabous (see photo below). During the Safari the group will attend several ceremonies, (Tuareg & Wodaabe). We need about 4 more people for this trip and the cost per person will be approx €5,500.

The second opportunity (Nov 19th to 26th) is a trip, also with Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith, to the Ennedi Mountains (Sahara) in north east Chad. The fully equipped 4×4 land trip around the Ennedi (fly camping) will take about a week. We shall fly from the capital, Ndjamena, in a chartered Cessna Caravan (approx 1000kms) on the 17th Nov, and back again to Ndjamena on the 24th. The price of €6,000 per person is fully inclusive, and also includes the return air charter. Those interested in extending the length of the trip by 3 days can also do so on request. 

See the news report of our last trip to the Niger Sahara’s Air Mountains in November 2018: post and images here.

See the full range of upcoming rock art safaris below and contact us through David Coulson,, or Eunice if you are interested in any of the Rock Art Safaris featured.

TARA’s 2019, 2 week Namibia Safari has been postponeded until late August/September 2020. We ask anyone interested in joining this trip to contact us (expected cost: approx €4,750 depending on group size)

TARA Rock Art Safaris
TARA, Rock Art Safaris, Trust for African Rock Art, African Rock Art ProjectTARA Rock Art Safaris
The 7,000 year old Dabous Giraffe carvings, west of the Air.Two x 1 metre high warriors engraved on granite - 1000BC.Looking out over the Tenere from the Air Mountains.

Rock art safaris in Niger in 2019

31st October to 11th November: We are planning a Sahara Safari to Niger from October 31st to 11th November 2019. For this trip there is only 1 spot remaining so if interested please contact David Coulson direct on +254722791638. Cost for the trip is 8,250 per person plus local flight to Agadez – more information available on request. Depending on group size (for an exclusive experience the maximum group size is approx 10 people) and interest we may run two safaris, so do get in touch if interested.

12th – 17th November: This is a shorter more exclusive safari for about 7 people led by David Coulson. We shall be traveling with close friends of David’s, world famous photographers, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, whose latest book “African Twilight” was recently launched around the world. Price for this trip around €5,500 pp, approx group size 8.

See the news report of our last trip to the Niger Sahara’s Air Mountains in November 2018: post and images here.

Rock art safari to Chad’s Ennedi Mountains in 2019

19th – 26th November: We are planning a 7 day Chad Safari to Ennedi Mountains from 19th to 26th November 2019 for approx 7 or 8 people. The trip is led by David Coulson accompanied by photographers, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. We have 2 remaining places to fill. Price for the trip is approx. €6,000 pp including return air charters to and from the capital N’Djamena. Please contact us soonest on <> if interested. The trip can be extended by 3 days for those interested.

TARA Rock Art SafarisTARA, Rock Art Safaris, Trust for African Rock Art, African Rock Art ProjectTARA Rock Art Safaris




Rock art safari in Namibia in 2020

Aug/September, dates TBD: Our planned rock art safari to Namibia for 2019 has been postponed until late August or early September 2020, dates to be determined. This will be a 2 week rock art safari to Namibia with a group of between 6 to 8 people. More information following but please contact us if you have an interest. Cost will be approx. €4,750 depending on group size. Click here for a sample itinerary pdf.

Possible rock art safari to Morocco

We are also looking forward to organising a Morocco rock art safari if there are people interested. More information available on demand.

For further information on any future safaris, please contact David Coulson at TARA,
or Eunice

TARA Rock Art SafarisTARA Rock Art SafarisTARA Rock Art Safaris