Rock Art Safaris

Rock Art Safaris

TARA regularly organises safaris in support of its mission into African rock art areas, also known for their spectacular landscapes, rich wildlife and nomadic people. We have previously led safaris to Egypt, Niger, Chad, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

The safaris we offer can be broadly divided into customised safaris which are tailored to the needs of specific individuals or groups, and survey expeditions where individuals have the opportunity of accompanying a TARA survey team to a specific country or region. Customised safaris are sometimes organised through TARA's safari partners, Royal African Safaris.

At the beginning of November, David took a group of enthusiasts to see the rock art of Niger’s Air Mountains, a spectacular region of the southern Sahara with mountains and huge dunes. . The safari was a great success. The first of the many sites they visited was the Dabous Giraffe site (see post and images here

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TARA Rock Art Safaris
TARA, Rock Art Safaris, Trust for African Rock Art, African Rock Art ProjectTARA Rock Art Safaris
The 7,000 year old Dabous Giraffe carvings, west of the Air.Two x 1 metre high warriors engraved on granite - 1000BC.Looking out over the Tenere from the Air Mountains.

TARA Rock Art SafarisTARA, Rock Art Safaris, Trust for African Rock Art, African Rock Art ProjectTARA Rock Art Safaris




Rock Art safaris in Zimbabwe and Namibia in 2019

We plan on doing another safari in Zimbabwe in May 2019 (see write-up of our last very successful safari to Zimbabwe here), and a possible safari in either Namibia or Zimbabwe in September 2019. More information following but please contact us if you have an interest in either of these. Tentative cost will be 3,000.

We are also interested in organising a Morocco rock art safari if there are people interested. More information available on demand.
For further information on future safaris, please contact David Coulson at TARA,
or Eunice

TARA Rock Art SafarisTARA Rock Art SafarisTARA Rock Art Safaris